Cabinet System

At SONICE, we are committed to delivering the highest quality products and services to our valued customers. Our dedication to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our operations, from product selection to customer service. 

We have been providing a comprehensive range of cabinetry hardware, especially in motion technologies. We provide infinite possibilities in design solutions which cater for all needs. With innovative design and good product quality, we have earned good reputation in the market.

Our spirit and mission to be an industry leader shall prevail. From style, functionality, ease of installation to product material, our kitchen storage system offers an incredible range of design options. Whether you are building or renovating an existing space, we can help you to achieve the look and feel as you desired.

Our continuous design and innovation have created a perfect blend of ergonomic kitchen with functional accessories. We make your dream kitchen a very comfortable place to be. With variety of product choices, we will help you through your design. It is our expertise in exploring your imagination and making your dream kitchen into reality!

To choose and feel the product samples, please visit our showrooms in Sibu and Miri, see contact us.